Monday, January 21, 2013

WoW Life Coach - Your WoW Legacy

If you were to quit playing WoW today, what would you want your WoW Legacy to be?


The inspiration for this post comes from a blog post by Epic InsanityFood For Thought:Legacy

We all know that in life, we must accept that death is a part of living. We simply cannot go on living forever, however as the picture I chose for this post has a quote by  Benjamin Franklin "Wish not so much to live long as to live well" states we can live a good life and leave a legacy that we are proud of when we do finally depart this earth. I personally saved this quote and photo to my computer shortly after my father passed away suddenly at the age of 65 from a massive heart attack. It truly sums up how he lived his life - he lived life well.

My Dad was always a person who would talk to everyone and anyone. He never tried to put anyone down, instead opting for having intelligent conversations and discussions on all manner of topics. My dad was also a father who was always encouraging his children to reach whatever goals that we desired. My dad and I would often have talks about how it was best to go about reaching them. My Dad also gave me a love for some of the things that I still love to do today, such as boating or listening to old 50's and 80;s music. I miss him everyday, but he left a lasting legacy for me and all of those he came in contact with.

My maternal grandmother, who we affectionately called "Bob" (which is short for Bobuska, the Russian word for grandmother) was a devout Russian Orthodox Christian. When Bob passed away, one of the most touching things that occurred at her  funeral, was the choir and congregation singing the Russian hymn "Eternal Memory". It is a beautiful and sad hymn, with the message that even though you are gone from this world, eternal shall be your memory and you shall never be forgotten.

Now, considering that we are playing an online MMORG, there comes a time when we will stop playing WoW and this brings me to the topic of what would we want our WoW Legacy to be?

For some of you, it may be that you are in a guild that achieved a realm first kill, or for others of you it may be that you have the realm first to max level in a profession. But I would like to ask you to think deeper into how you play today, can create a legacy for yourself when you stop playing.

One of the things that I have been talking a lot on this blog is compassion. Continuing to play with a compassionate mindset can leave a lasting legacy for you when you stop playing. New players are continuously joining the WoW community and by being compassionate in your game play you show them that there are good people in the game world and thus you may help them to be more compassionate to others in the future.

Generosity is another thing that I have mentioned. Giving of yourself in game can also leave a lasting legacy on those you have helped. Many WoW players tell tales of a guildie, a friend or a complete stranger that has helped them in game. Perhaps you gave someone help learning their class, or perhaps you helped someone with a few bags or gold when they were first starting out?

Perhaps you would like to leave a legacy of being a great leader. Whether you are a raid leader or a guild leader, you can take steps to ensure that your leadership skills are part of your legacy. Good communication with your followers and strong interpersonal relationship skills will be a great legacy to leave for your guild or raid.

When we choose to leave the game, our guilds and raids often continue without us and leaving a positive legacy for those remaining in game can help ensure that if you choose to return at some time those people will welcome you back with open arms.

So, what do you want your WoW Legacy to be? The choice is yours to make!

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