Wednesday, January 9, 2013

20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge - Day 7

Day 7 - The reasons behind your blogs name

So you are here, so you know that the name is So Cal WoW Gal - but how the heck did I come up with that name and why is it the name I use all over the place?

The first name for this blog was originally "ooo shiny things". I have this habit in WoW of stopping any time that I see the sparkles. It is actually a curse, since I sometimes have trouble completing quest objectives or turning in quests. I did actually create this blog, and for some strange reason, it still lives on my Google Blogger page even though I deleted it some time ago. I did some minor research when I posted my blog and I found that it would not come up on any searches that I made and I wanted my blog to be easy to find, so to the trash bin it went.

As you can see from this map I posted, this is what is know as Southern California. I live near the northeast corner of this map., on the outskirts of Palmdale CA. So when creating the name that I wanted to use as the name of the blog and as my persona, I knew that I wanted the So Cal part in the name. I absolutely love where I live and I thought of using "High Desert" in my name, but for some reason it didn't fit when I came up with the "WoW Gal" part.

I have a good friend that used to use the word "grrrl' instead of girl and the name at one point was "High Desert Grrl", which didn't have a ring to it that I was thinking. So I thought combine where I live 'So Cal" with the name of the game I love playing "WoW" and then 'Gal" and when I put it together, it just had that ring, that I was looking for, and I felt that it was a good name that people could remember easily. I have gotten a lot of comments that it is a pretty unique name and that makes me happy.

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