Friday, January 11, 2013

WoW Life Coach - Casting Healing Spells on Others and Ourselves

Recently on of our beloved members of the WoW Community lost a person very dear to him.

I am going to let this video courtesy of WoWMartiean tell the story for you.

 Find him at on the twitter @wowmartiean or at WoWMartiean YouTube Page


So, this got me to thinking about how in WoW, we have a classes and specs that are revolved around healing others...but how can we apply that in our own lives?

In the role as a healer in WoW, you play a crucial role in your raid, dungeon run or group activities. You job is to make sure that no one dies. But how can we apply these tools that we have learned as a healer in WoW to our own lives?

We all go through bad times in life. Its something that we cannot escape. I will not pretend to sugar coat things for you and tell you that when you start applying the principles of the Law of Attraction, that things will always be chocolate and lollipops.

But what can you do when those situations come into your life, you can apply some of the tools that the healer role in WoW uses. Using the examples from the video we can see:
  • Use of the Elune's Stones - as WowMaritean puts it "lighting him up so that he is not in darkness" - we can see that the light from the stones, surrounds everyone with light and we can do this as well - when we are in those dark moments, we can allow the energy of a positive thought to lighten our hearts and change our energy. For example, we can share a positive memory of our experiences with a person that has passed away, and when we do that we  spread a positive energy to the other people around us. We let the light of that person's liffe to flow into the people that we are sharing that memory with. Sure we are still grieving, but we change the energy from the negative to the positive. 
  • The Priest Bubble - This is a simple spell, it puts a bubble around the caster and castee to shield them from damage. We can use this in our lives, in that we can choose who we associate with, we can choose who to let into our inner circle. Choosing those people that are positive, full of energy and life, is like casting a priest bubble on ourselves
  • The Shaman Healing Rain - When we are in a difficult situation, we can use this channeled spell to our benefit. When we are dealing with difficult people, instead of getting frustrated and annoyed at the person we are dealing with, we can "cast a Healing Rain". By doing this we can ask the Universe to 'blanket the area" with positive energy and the person that we are having difficulty with.
There are many, many other lessons that we can learn from this amazing video and from the wonderful words that WoWMartiean was speaking. I will be going to reference this video again in future posts to help all of us learn and grow together.

On a Personal Note : if you are reading this Ghemit, I hope that this video brings you strength and comfort in the days, weeks and months to come. We as the WoW community share in your grief, and even though some of us may only know you as a bunch of pixels on a video game, out hearts and souls are no less affected by your horrible loss.

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