Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WoW Life Coach: Ambitions

What do you do when there are those in game who does not support the same goals that you do?

Simple Advice! And now we shall look at this further after the jump.

We all have ambitions in game, without these ambitions, there is little reason to play an open ended game such as WoW. In WoW, there is no finishing point, no checkered flag that we are racing to. You could make an argument that there is "endgame" but, we know that Blizzard is constantly adding new expacs and new content so even this is a moving target.

Your personal ambitions in game might be certain iLvl gear, a new mount, a specific amount of gold or a new piece of gear to complete your transmog set. Whatever your ambition may be, it is yours to persue and as the quote says "keep away from those who try and belittle your ambitions". Just because your ambition is not my ambition, this does not make your ambition any less important than mine. If you and I are to have a meaningful time together playing WoW, neither one of us should belittle the ambitions of the other.

Let's look at  LFR/LFD as it can be affected alot by those who choose to belittle our ambition's. For the most part, LFR/LFD seems to be populated with people who don't communicate very well at the outset. The moment you step in, it's go go go, until someone votes to kick you or you get frustrated with the composition of the group that you decide to drop group. I believe the common ambition  in these groups is to get gear. While Blizzard often states that some people run these groups for the content, I believe that this only applies the first few times you are running the content.

So what are some things you can do to help yo u in this situation?

  • If you can run in a guild group, do so, the more like minded people that you have in the group the better experience you will have
  • If possible, try and determine when those who seem to have bad attitudes run LfR/LFG. I am not trying to pick on the young people who are reading, however, many of those who are rude in these groups tend to be the younger players. Try and determine a time when less of these people are going to play
  • You can use the /ignore feature to prevent grouping with these people again
  • Remember that this is a game and that RNG may not always be in your favor
  • Try as best as you can to be a good example for others, communicate with the others in your group in a positive friendly way

The best way to game with people who don't belittle your ambitions is of course to join a guild that has the same ambitions as you, or to play more often with your RealID friends.

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