Thursday, January 10, 2013

WoW Life Coach - Introduction to Vision Board

What is a Vision Board and How it can help you to reach your WoW goals

A vision board is simply a set of images of a goal, dream or reality that you want to create in your life. Today I will give you some simple tips on using Vision Boards to create your WoW reality

We as WoW players all have one goal in mind- to be the best WoW player that we can. Whether we play for fun or we are in it for the end game content, we all have players that we admire and strive to be more like in our game play. A vision board can help you to reach your goals.

A vision board can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. For now, I will focus on creating a simple vision board.

Creating a vision board - Steps to take
  1. Find someone in game that you are striving to be more like - perhaps this person is your Raid Leader, or perhaps this person is the top ranked player in the world of whatever class/spec you play
  2. Find a picture of that person that you want to be more like in WoW, by using the armory, getting a screenshot of that epic boss kill, whatever method you like to get an image of the person
  3. Once you have that picture, save it somewhere that you can look at it from time to time. This can be as simple as saving it to your desktop, putting a copy of it on your mobile phone or even printing it out to put next to your gaming computer
  4.  Look at the vision board you have created and imagine how it feels to be that person - does it make you feel like a million bucks? How does it feel to be the best or top rated player? What emotions does it stir in you?
  5. From time to time, gaze at your image. You don't have to do it for a set amount of time or at a particular time - just look at it when you think of it and for ever how long you choose to
Introductory Vision Board Notes

If you don't have a particular person in mind, feel free to create your own vision of the character that you want to be by using your artistic skills. There are a lot of add-ons in game that you can use to create a picture of your own toon using transmog of whatever gear that you want to be in - you can look up on Ask Mr Robot - Gear to see the BiS for you and create a picture of your toon with that particular gear on

At this time, I would like to caution you from going to far into the persons armory to see what their iLvl is or what weapons/trinkets/armor they have on - the person that you are trying to create is you, your toon, and as such you are trying to create the feeling that person you would like to be more like. The specifics are not important at this time. Yes, things like gear, glyphs and talents are important when actually going to the raid or when trying to down that rare NPC that you have been looking for, or to run a scenario, but rather than letting your mind get too wrapped up in the details, let your mind wander free and uninhibited.

The point of this exercise is to let your mind focus on the end goal of being the WoW player that you want to be and to start the process of making that a reality for you.


  1. Has that worked for you? What kind of goals did you have? I'm really curious and interested :)

    1. yes it has worked for me! One of the goals that I have had is with getting the mounts that I love so much. For example, I have written about how much I love that Albino Proto Drake...I would visualizxe how my toons look on the mount and how it made me feel. I took inspited actions, such as looking up where to get the rep I needed to grind to get faction mounts and so on.

      It has also worked for me in my RL. A few years back I took a trip to California and instantly knew that I wanted to move here. I posted a picture of California on the wall at my desk at work. I even wrote on the back of the picute...this is where I will live. I had no idea how it would happen, money, moving across the country, job etc where challenges I needed to overcome. The Universe listened to me and now I am living my dream of living in So Cal.

      It DOES really work!!!!

  2. This is fantastic advice, and perhaps I will try something like this for my WoW goals. I have used a vision board in the past, years ago.. with it, I was actually able to manifest the home of my dreams. It is a long story, but law of attraction DOES work. The important first step is to visualizing and dream of what you want. When you do that, the path to your goal will present itself to you. For me, in WoW, I always longed to raid. Ever since Vanilla, I wanted to be part of an active raiding team. I would put up with inactive guilds, PUGing once in a while, running just old content or putting up only with LFR in Cataclysm. This expansion, in the beginning, I made it my intention to be a great Roleplayer as well as a top raider. I am now happy to say I am going onto my second week as a tank for my guild's raid team. To me, this is big, as this is something I have longed for for about 7 years or so. I LOVED hearing your story about your move to California. By all we know of logic, there is no clear explanation, but I know from personal experience and experiences of others that this works. I really love your blog and think you are awesome.