Monday, January 14, 2013

WoW ie Coach - Taking In Game Passions to Real Life

Inspiration for today comes from  WoW Insider: WoW Brewmaster ;Brewing our Ziebart Stout

We will be looking at taking the In Game Passions into Real Life

I thought that this was an excellent article to write about since there are so many things that we enjoy in game that we can enjoy out of game as well. The writer, Alex Ziebart, decided to try his hand at some home-made brewing ala Monk style, so  why not follow his lead and take some of your WoW passions into your real life.

If you feel that your passion in game is for killing other players or NPCs that is fine, but if you feel that you are becoming so obsessed with these activities that is it affecting your rel life in negative ways, please consult a mental health professional. I am only advocating taking healthy passions from your game play into the real world and not ones that may potentially cause harm to yourself  or others.

Here are a few ideas that I came up with that you can use

  • Riding - We all love the flying mounts in game, who doesn't love to fly over the landscape, but to take this into out real lives, how about going for a bike ride, or taking the dog for a walk, getting outside and enjoying the environment around us
  • Tailoring - perhaps you like to make pretty clothes in game - you can learn to quilt, crochet or knit
  • Cooking - You can cook a meal up for your family, learn a new recipe, or as the WoWinsider Article writer did, you can try and brew up some WoW Inspired Beers. You can try to create the in game recipes for yourself
  • Pets - some of you are like me and love to collect pets, so spend some time with your favorite furry friends, or  if you don't have your own pet, no ears, you can volunteer at a pet shelter or rescue and help out the pets in need of TLC
  • Healing - perhaps you enjoy healing others in game, you can help to heal others in the real world as well. You can donate money to causes that you support, you can also volunteer at your local hospital.
  • Jewel crafting/Leather working, - you can make your own jewelry by using beads, leather, ribbons, string and other objects, just be creative in your medium
  • Engineering - There are kits you can buy to create model planes that really do fly! or you can even build your own computer if you are inclined to do so
  • Herbalism - why not grow your own garden
  • Mining - there are places that you can go hunt for your own hidden treasures using a metal detector, think the beach, mountains, etc
  • Archeology - You can visit a local museum, or find books at your local library.bookstore on various archaeological sites and finds
EDIT: I have been told that I left out
  • Inscription -- You can write poems, short stories, life affirmations
  • Alchemy - You can create natural cleaning products, massage oils, scented soaps
You can also get creative, using your love of WoW by writing your own short stories, or perhaps RP character Bios. If you are more into the visual arts, why not create some WoW related artwork, or you can create videos, parody songs etc etc.

If you enjoy the lore of the game, there are plenty of books that you can read about the lore of the game. In addition, if you enjoy the artwork there are books that are devoted to this subject matter as well. So head on out to your local library or bookstore and see what you find that might be of interest to you.

For those of you who belong to local Meet-Up groups, instead of having your usual meeting, why not have a cos-play themed meeting? It doesn't have to be Halloween for you to dress  up as your favorite NPC or perhaps even your WoW Hero at a planned Role Play/Dress Up Night.

The point here is that sometimes we spend so much time in game that we lose sight of things in the real world, so get out there and have some FUN!! The game will still be there when you return and you might even return refreshed and invigorated to continue your travels in the many lands of Azeroth.

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