Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blog News

Today, I would like to let you all know about a new idea that I have for a new direction to take this blog in. For now, this will be a regular feature here....

Introducing WoW Life Coach

Ok now that you have clicked past the read more, I know you must be saying what is this...sounds interesting.

Well, I have been wanting to become a Life Coach for some time now, and I love to play WoW, so why not merge those two great things and be a WoW Life Coach. I will be using tools from the Law of Attraction, the Secret, Abraham-Hicks, What the Bleep and many other sources and relate them to WoW gameplay.

Ideas for future posts that I am considering are things like
  • Using inspired action to become and epic WoW player
  • How a bad day in WoW doesn't have to ruin your IRL day
  • Using Vision Boards  to improve your WoW characters
  • Take a break, relax, you can get through this horrible LFD/LFR
  • Positive Ways to experience WoW gameplay
I think you, my wonderful readers get the idea. So now my blog readers, I have a request from you....Do you like this idea? Is this something you would be interested in reading? If you like this idea are there topics you would like to see covered?

Please feel free to leave me a comment here, email me at socalwowgal@gmail.com or post a response on my Twitter account @socalwowgal

I look forward to your input!!!


  1. I like this idea a lot. I am also into WoW and LoA. Isn't it nice that this expansion is about how negative thoughts manifest into the physical world?

    1. Yes I beleive that the new MoP expansion has alot of things that we can learn from and apply to our lives. I have yet to go into PandaLand and I am excited toexperience it and post here on my blog about it.

      Thank you for visiting and posting.

    2. As someone into Law of Attraction, you are really going to like it. I will not spoil anything but one of the major components is how negative thoughts can manifest physically, and how important it is to have a mind at peace.