Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A CRZ success story

I was out in Negrand on my DK and I was trying to complete some quests out there and a really nice lvl 90 Tauren Shaman from another server (Malagos) helped me to complete the Ring of Blood Quest series, even the last part

He healed my toon so that I wouldn't die and I was able to complete the whole series in a matter of minutes. He was also very polite and I was so happy to see someone else out there. It was a great experience!


Welcome to my new blog about WoW and my adventures while playing. I hope to give you some funny sories, tales of my many, mny alts as well as some gold making tips along the way. I also plan on writing about the Breakfast Topic as found on WoW Insider Breakfast Topics as well as from Blog Azeroth Shared Topics found on Blog Azeroth Shared Topics and hopefully if I get brave enough, to even participate in Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival found on Cold's Gold Factory

I currently have over 20 toons, both Horde and Aliance, spread across 4 servers so there will be much to talk about.