Monday, January 28, 2013

WoW Life Coach - You have not failed

Failure...yes we all deal with feeling like a failure when playing WoW

Today we will talk about feeling better about ourselves when dealing with failure in game

Thomas Edison said "I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work". He is regarded as a great inventor, so what if he let those failures deter him from reaching his goals and dreams? We would not have the benefit of his many inventions - the light bulb, the phonograph (for those young people who are reading, this invention led to the current CDs), the movie camera (and who doesn't love movies?) and electricity distribution. Thomas Edison did not let his failures stop him from his successes.

We can take the same approach in game. This can be a complicated game for many of us to play. Especially if we are a casual player, learning to play leads to many failures. We all experience those moments that we feel like our failures outweigh our successes. One thing that I say when I am personally feeling like I have failed so many times that I will never get to my goals in game is that "every failure brings me one step closer to success". I know that eventually I will get the mechanic to kill a particular mob or boss, that I will eventually figure out where the hidden object is that I need to complete a quest. The point is that I do not allow my failures to stop me and neither should you.

The most successful raiding guilds, most successful PvP players deal with failure on a regular basis on the way to reaching their goals. The use their failures in a constructive way to develop new strategies to help overcome their failures. They continue to strive to be the best as they can and thus they reap the rewards of their many attempts at content and PvP battles.

Getting discouraged by failure will happen. But don't let the failure stop you from reaching your in game goals and dreams. Goals and dreams never come to fruition if you stop trying to reach them, so remember Thomas Edison and his 10,000 failures and go and reach those goals and dreams!

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