Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WoW Life Coach - Confronting Fear

Today's Topic is Confronting Fear -
"Aim for success not perfection... Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism. Confronting your fears and allowing yourself the right to be human can, paradoxically, make you a far happier and more productive person."
— Dr. David Burns

In game we often come across situations that cause us fear. For many this can be the fear of doing dailies and being killed by the opposite faction, or perhaps doing quests and the fear of a mob, or even an elite NPC killing our toon, or maybe its the fear of doing dungeons or raids. Whatever the fear we are facing in game, it is is important to have strategies to face them so that in the end we can as the quote I used in the intro says become "a far happier and more productive person"
Steps that we can take in WoW to confront and overcome these fears:
  •  Join a group of people who are working on the same dailies as us
  • Work with guildies on quests, dungeons or raids
  • Research our class and spec, including the proper glyphs, talents etc and if necessary re-glyph or re-talent as the need occurs
  • Do research on the particular quest that we are on, one of the common things that can help when we are stuck with a quest is to read the quest text, oftentimes this can be very helpful
Benefits of Confronting our fears
You may be asking "Why does confronting out fears make us a happier person?" There are a few reasons for this. First, oftentimes you may find that the fear was "overrated". By this I mean, you may have this fear of doing the quest, or entering the raid, and find out that when you have completed your goal, that the content was really a lot easier than you first made it out to be in your head. Also, by overcoming your fear, you will be boosting your own self confidence for the next time that you are fearful of doing something in game. You may experience a sense of euphoria, at the end of that raid, downing the final boos and that feeling of confidence can be a wonderful thing. The other thing that is great about confronting these fears is that you now can help others with their fears as well. It feels so good when you have done something in game and then are able to go back and help someone else do that same thing that you have been fearing to overcome their own fear.
The first part in the quote was "Aim for success, not perfection" this is also great advice to follow. Not every time that you go into a raid, dungeon or any content for that matter, will you be successful. I cannot tell you how many times I have died doing the simple starting zone quests, much less any harder content. However, I will dust myself off, repair my armor as needed and try again (and in some cases again and again and again). The top progression raiders are not the top because they simply "quit", they aim for success in every pull, every attempt and they may not be perfect in every attempt, but they succeed in getting world firsts. They do not allow their fears to top them and neither should you!

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