Tuesday, January 15, 2013

20 Days of Wow Blogging Day 9

Day 9 - Your first blog post

I have wanted to start a blog for some time before I actually went out it did it. Today I am going to tell you a little more about how this blog came to be.

So for starters, here is a quick link to my first blog post SoCalWoWGal -Welcome

As you can see it was a really short post back on October 17, 2012. I had no idea on what to write and as such it was hard for me to even get started writing it at all.

I had been reading a whole lot of other blogs and I saw that some of them used the Blogger application. So I created a GMail account and started to learn how to use links and now I have even learned how to use the blogger schedule function. I learned how to add pics to the blog, which I think makes the blog look better.

At first my blog didn't have a clear direction, you can see that I was somewhat "lost" by the fact that my first few blog posts were sporadic and had no real focus to them. Then I had an idea to create the WoW Life Coach, and I used that to find focus and meaning for what I am writing. I have been told in the past that I would be a good Life Coach and of course I love playing WoW. So I decided to bridge the gap between the two with this blog.

Now I know that this blog is not for everyone. My hope is that you, the reader can find some interesting information that can be helpful to you both in and out of game. What is blog is really for is my inner soul, my heart - it is allowing me a way to express myself in the written form and that is something that I am thoroughly enjoying.

I am considering doing a podcast based on this blog in the future. Once again, I know that this won't be every WoW player's cup of tea, but I am exploring the possibilities and I hope that you will continue on the journey with me.

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