Sunday, January 6, 2013

Best and Worst Gold Markets so far In MoP

This is going to be my forst enry into the Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival and for this month the topic is : BEST and WORST Markets So Far In MoP

We are almost 3 months into the newest WoW expansion, Mists of Pandaria. So what has been selling well for you? What has taken a turn for the worst  
Tell us about your favorite, most profitable, or most consistent market in the MoP era of WoW Gold Making. Then, tell us about a market that you've abandoned, has crashed, or has just plain been a flop. What are your best and worse WoW auction house markets so far in Mists?

First off a few disclaimers

I do not currently have any toons at max level right now. In fact the highest level toon that I have is lvl 77. Most of my toons are in the lvl 40s range. I do have a couple of toons that have only one purpose...sell items on the AH to fund my obsession with buying the Companion Pets (I am up to 275 unique pets now). I play on several different servers and I play both alliance and horde. I do not have more than one account so I am unable to do any cross faction arbitrage.

 First - the Bad Markets

GLYPHS, GLYPHS, GLYPHS...this has been a total disaster for me. When MoP first hit, I made a few thousand gold by bidding on the low bid price auctions and then turning around and reposting for a higher amount. This lasted for about 4 days, then the undercutting wars began with a vengeance. There were glyphs that I "had" been selling for about 300 gold, undercut for 30 gold. Now mind you, I did not craft these glyphs myself and for the most part I got them for about 1 silver. I ended up investing in more of the Pack of Endless Pockets and now to my dismay they are full up with glyphs that did not sell. I even ended up with a shortage of bank space, even after sending the 8 alts on that server the glyphs that they could use and sending some of the monk glyphs to one of the alts to hold and hopefully sell.

Vendor Pets - I used to make quite a bit of gold buying the faction specific pets on my server and then listing them on the neutral AH for decent prices. MoP changed all that the Pets and mounts are account wide, I have found that the bottom has fallen out of that market. I had stockpiled a few of the Green Winged Macaw, but I have been unable to sell them for more than I have paid for them. The plan now is to use the pet battle system to level them up and then try to sell them as Battle Pets/

Now for the Good Markets

I have been having some success with my consistent market - vendor recipes. The sales are slow, but since most times I have little to no competition, the profits are good. I have been doing this since before MoP hit the live server and these sales have enabled me to buy many of the companion pets such as my beloved Hyacinth Macaw , I was even able to buy one for the friend that introduced me to WoW. I was also able to purchase the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, on the Alliance side and to my great surprise, there was a hidden update that made this mount account wide (when MoP first hit, the mount was faction specific due to the vendors that the mount has, the alliance has an exclusive item Draenic Silk Robes)

Success With Winter Veil

Last year, I started WoW about a month before Winter Veil. I had 2 toons that needed gold so bad, that I farmed the small egg and I made about 400 gols which to me felt like hitting the gold cap at the time. This year I did the same thing on 4 of my servers with various states of success. On one toon I made over 3,000 gold with just a few moments of farming, while on the others I made an average of about 400 gold. Overall, I made about 5,000 gold with the saless. However, mich like the glyphs market I talked about earlier, the undercuts were fast and furious and I was happy when the holiday was over and almost all of my stock was gone.

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