Tuesday, January 8, 2013

20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge Day 5

Day 5 - Favorite Item(s) in game

Raindrops on Roses and Whisker's on Kittens....had to have the obligatory Julie Andrews moment here...

But in WoW, my favorite things are mounts, pets and pretty clothes....

Here are a few lists of my favorite things in WoW


I have to tell you that I love horses and I plan on getting a few of my own shorty. So when I found out that there were horses in game...you know that I HAD to roll a human toon just to get all the horses from Stormwind. And then, a worgen to get the mountain horses, and an undead to get the skeleton horses. And then I had to spend the $25 to get the Sparkle Pony (ok, ok Celestial Steed) and I had to sign up for the annual pass to get the Tyrael's Charger. Did I mention that I love horses??? LOL

I also found out that there was this cool reward for 50 mounts  the Albino Drake. I had to get this mount since it reminds me so much of the Dragon "Ruth" from the Dragonriders of Pern series. I so wish I could name my mounts.

Pets - Hunter Pets and Companion Pets

I loved that the hunters can tame various pets. I have two hunters right now and I enjoy finding pets for them to tame. One of the Hunters is a human and the other is an Undead. My Human Hunter loves to find pets that match her mounts, and then even goes to the extreme of trying to get pets to match her companion pets. My Undead Hunter, however will have nothing of the sort. She prefers to find pets that are more on the shall we say, undead or ghastly variety. I have a deep aversion to spiders, since I had a bad experience with a spider bite that landed me in the hospital and surgery on my neck, so as soon as she could she stabled her spider and got a cool undead looking bear.

The companion pets are awesome. As I have stated before (see my post My Favorite WoW Memory), I love the Hyacinth Macaw, but I do have some other favorites - the Brilliant Kaliri,  the Green Wing Macaw, Feral VermlingDe Weaponized Mechanical Companion, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling and many others.

Pretty Clothes

I must admit that I love playing dress up with my army of alts. Currently the banker gals are wearing the Winter Veil outfits. If there is holiday that offers pretty dresses, like the upcoming Lunar Festival, I have to go out and get the pretty dresses or my gals. On one of the servers I play on, I was able to score the coveted Formal Dangui and my bank alt will frequently wear that. I was also fortunate to know a guildie who is a tailor who made me the Festival Dress.

Here is a photo of My DK in her Formal Dangui
And a photo of my priest in her Festival Dress with the Silvermoon Tabbard on

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