Saturday, January 12, 2013

WoW Life Coach - Community Generosity

Today, I got the inspiration for this post from this article on the Blizzard Site Cinder Kitty Raises $2.3M for Charity

The WoW Community came together to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and it warms my heart to see what together as a Community, we can accomplish. Today, I will give you some ideas for creating Community Generosity in your guilds, servers and with your WoW friends

When we are in a position to give to others, we not only create positive feelings and energy in the person we are giving to, we also continue to create more of that "good karma" for ourselves. By stepping out of a self-serving role into a community-serving role we can enrich the community as well.

Here are a few ideas that I came up with for how you can give to the community that you play WoW with (note that not all of them involve having a ton of gold, or a ton of time either)

  • When a new member joins your guild, send them a "Welcome Package". Most guilds that people join are level 25 guilds and when they join they are often rolling a new toon on a server where they don't have support toons. Your guild can send them a small amount of gold, a guild tabard and a few bags to get them started.
  • If you are a high level player, the next time that you are in the starting zone for a particular race, or when you are in Elwynn Forest or Mulgore standing next to the DMF  portal, you can open up a trade window with a low level toon and give them some "white" gear to help them out.
  • If you happen to have a two seater mount, you can take new guild members on a tour of Azeroth, the new guild member will oftentimes get XP, and you can have fun showing them the amazing scenery of WoW. This can also be done in the new MoP zones, if you have a toon that has flying, you can help your guildies out providing a taxi for them
  • For the mages out there, when someone advertises in trade chat ..."need a port to Dal..paying 10 gold" why not open the port for them for free
  • If you have a friend in WoW that is scared of running dungeons, why not group up with them and offer to run them through some of the older content? You can have fun showing them fight mechanics, the awesome dungeon designs and even help them to get a few levels
  • If you play a healing class, you can hang out in some of the areas of the world where toons are leveling and give free heals to whomever crosses your path. Or if you see that a lowbie has died, why not battle rez them?
  • And the list could go on and on...but I am sure by now you get the idea
Together, my friends, we can make the WoW experience one that is rewarding and enjoyable for all!!!

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